"X-Mart" Deluxe Axial Fans

  • Deluxe low profile axial fans
  • Stainless steel or white
  • IPX4 Splashproof
  • For toilets
  • For walls, ceilings or windows (with window kit)
  • Standard, timer and humidity control
  • Exceeds Building Regulations requirements (including new Document F)


  • axial fans to exhaust air and fumes directly outside or through short lengths of ducting
  • new, technically innovative, to complement modern decor
  • indicator light to show when operating
  • front easily removed (no screws) for cleaning
  • quick fit installation system for walls
  • easy plasterboard ceiling installation with (optional) ceiling ring
  • window installation requires window kit
  • protection against backdraughts
  • quiet operation
  • adjustable timer - 3-15 minutes
  • dynamic humidistat with night-time set-back and anti-hunting device
  • IPX4 Splashproof - can safely be installed in Zones I and II

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  • casings from shockproof and heat resistant plastics
  • double insulated motors of shaded pole type mounted on self-lubricating, sealed ball bearings for long life
  • motors fitted with thermal safety cut-out
  • maximum ambient temperature - 40°C

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  • EN60335-2-80
  • EC Low Voltage Directive 73/23-93/68
  • EC Directive EMC98/336
  • CE marked

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  • XM 10 - standard model
  • XM 10T - with overrun timer
  • XM 10A - standard with automatic front opening grille
  • XM 10AT - with automatic front opening grille and overrun timer
  • XM 10AH - with automatic front opening grille and humidity control with overrun timer


  • XM 10SS - standard model
  • XM 10TSS - with overrun timer
  • XM 10ASS - standard with automatic front opening grille
  • XM 10ATSS - with automatic front opening grille and overrun timer
  • XM 10AHSS - with automatic front opening grille and humidity control with overrun timer
  • XMWK10/4 - window kit
  • ACR4 - ceiling ring

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*Fan Profile*Easy Electrical Connection - just lift protection lid*Quick fix wall installation (no screws)*Front easily removed for cleaning - no screws

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*Wall*Wall - Quick Fix*Ceiling*Window

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*XM10 Curves

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*XM 10 dims

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*XM10 Technical

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*Fixed Grille*Gravity Grille*Wall Vent Kit*Wall Duct Kit*Ceiling Ring*

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Typical specification

Supply and install an XM10AHSS axial fan with a stainless steel front cover as supplied by Vectaire Ltd, Lincoln Road, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP12 3RH. The fan is to be suitable for installation either into a ceiling, wall or window (with the appropriate accessories), and be complete with an integral, adjustable, dynamic humidistat, an integral adjustable timer and an automatic front cover. There should be a neon on the front of the fan to indicate when it is operating. The fan casing should be made of shockproof and heat resistant plastic, contain a motor with sealed, self-lubricating bearings, and be protected with a thermal cut-out. The fan should be double insulated and be suitable for installation into Zones I and II. The fan is to be CE marked and comply with Building Regulations requirements for installation into a toilet.

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