• STP and STR - Internal and External Air Handling and Heat Recovery Units
  • Model are available as side by side or stacked layouts
  • The STP/STR range of air handling units is available in 25mm or 50mm construction.
  • 11 modular sizes up to 14m3/sec air volume.
  • Custom made sizes up to 20m3/sec air volume.
  • Non-standard sizes for enhanced versatility.
  • Enhanced specification to HTM or coastal environments.
  • Units incorporate high quality components sourced through our market leading supply chain partners.
  • Flat pack service available
  • All models ErP Compliant and manufactured in the UK to ISO9001


Enjoy a comfortable, healthy environment with our extensive range of easy-to-use air handling units. Custom made units are able to deliver up to 20m3/sec through a non-intrusive system. High efficiency heat recovery options ensure no loss of heat while still delivering a constant flow of fresh air into your building.

  • Larger sizes for plant and external installation
  • With electric or LPHW heater batteries
  • 11 modular sizes, airflow to 14 m³/sec.. Custom Built sizes up to 20m3/sec air volume
  • Wide selection of control panels available
  • Enhanced specification to HTM or coastal environments
  • Robust extruded aluminium tubular frame 30mm x 30mm (for 25mm construction) or 30mm x 50mm for 50mm construction.
  • Unit panels from double skinned galvanised steel
  • Steel channel base running full length of unit with cross members at suitable locations.
  • Filter and access panels fitted with easy access fasteners – other removable panels retained via roofing bolts.
  • External models outer skin with plastic coated finish (Grey to BS10A05) as standard.
  • Weatherproof pitched lid fitted on external models
  • External models air inlet/exhaust air discharge via weather cowl as standard. Weather louvres available. All fitted with birdmesh guard
  • 25mm and 50mm thick panels with 45 kg/m3 density mineral wool insulation as standard. (Aternative options available for lower sound level requirements)
  • Variable control packages - loose or factory fitted Can be customised to offer:
    • temperature and humidity control to ensure space conditions are maintained.
    • demand ventilation control to maximise energy performance.
    • user interfacing to suit individual applications.
    • extensive connectivity - building integration via various protocols including BACnet®, Modbus® and TREND®.
  • Sensors, Silencers and Filter Boxes available

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  • Backward curved direct drive plug style impellers
  • Fan impellers are statically and dynamically balanced in accordance with ISO 14694 and ISO 1940/1. Supplied as standard with pre-greased sealed for life bearings having L10 life of 20,000 hours at peak performance
  • Fan motors pre-wired to inverter and isolator
  • Standard motors of squirrel cage induction type, totally enclosed, fan cooled, suitable for 3ph, 50Hz electricity supply, IE2
  • Motors with IP55 protection and Class F rating
  • High efficiency EC motors available as an option, depending on duty requirement
  • Fan and motor are mounted on a common chassis frame isolated from casing via rubber anti-vibration mounts and flexible connector fitted to fan inlet. Transit bolt fitted to prevent damage during transport
  • LPHW batteries are constructed from copper tubes mechanically bonded onto aluminium fins supplied with standard BSP male connectors. Option of vinyl coating (copper and electro-tinned copper also available). The coil casing is in galvanised sheet steel
  • Drain tray and moisture eliminator plates manufactured from polypropylene fitted as standard to cooling coils. Coils are mounted on slide-in channels to aid removal
  • Electric heater batteries for single and 3 phase operation are manufactured from sheathed rod elements with an integral manual reset thermal cut-out for wiring into control unit. It is recommended that fan run-on timer is incorporated in controls to prevent possible heat damage
  • Panel filters to G4 grade mounted in slide-in channels. Bag filters of F6 and above are mounted in purpose made front withdrawal holding frames and retained by spring loaded clips
  • Intake dampers of opposed blade, multi-leaf type fitted aerofoil section blades. Extended shaft for fitting of suitable motor is provided as standard
  • Attenuators manufactured with galvanised sheet steel case fitted with "Mez" type flange at each end.

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ErP Compliant

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11 standard sizes with air volume to 14m 3/sec Bespoke models with air volume to 20 m3/sec

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