• POSITIVE INPUT VENTILATION for small, medium or large domestic properties
  • Whole House Ventilation System
  • Low Noise Levels
  • Extremely Low Running Costs
  • Quick Fit Installation
  • Available with Heater


  • Positive pressure ventilation provides effective, draught free ventilation and prevents condensation forming
  • Easy to install - the PPF9 can be used both in the refurbishment of older properties where condensation is a particular problem as well as in new build.
  • The PPF9 introduces tempered air, drawn in through the loft, to create a positive pressure in the building.
  • Tempered, filtered, fresh air enters the living areas from the fan, via a short length of flexible ducting, through a discreet ceiling mounted diffuser.
  • The fresh air circulates throughout the building giving draught-free ventilation and eventually dissipating through openings around the property.
  • The PPF9 runs continuously to provide a constant background air change and maintain a healthy and comfortable environment.
  • Since the moisture content of the air outside is normally lower than that indoors, the level of humidity is reduced, helping to eliminate the damaging effects of condensation.
  • A PPF9 provides extra security - there is no need to open windows.
  • The noise levels are extremely low.
  • The system is very economical and can cost less than £5 per year to run.
  • 2 year warranty - 1 year parts and labour, 1 year parts only

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  • For small, medium or large domestic properties
  • Easy loft installation
  • Choice 3 speed levels (set at installation)
  • Robust construction - fan casing is an integral, one piece unit with a filter box attached.
  • Air inlet is provided on all sides of the unit
  • Incorporates a specially developed fan/motor assembly
  • Motor mounted on sealed, self-lubricating bearings
  • Protected with thermal cut-out
  • Double insulated
  • Maximum ambient temperature 40ºC
  • Complete with ceiling diffuser, flexible duct, worm drive clips, plasterboard fixings and screws and attenutation mounts
  • Easy to maintain - motor and fan blades should be checked after every six months of service. Filters can be cleaned but should be replaced every two years.

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  • Part L1 2013 of Building Regulations for enhanced energy saving capability
  • Part F 2013 of Building Regulations for reliable, efficient ventilation
  • EU RoHS Directive Compliant.
  • Conforms to requirements of EC Council directives relating to Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety: 2006/95/CE(LVD), 2004/108/CE (EMC), EN 60335-2-80
  • CE marked

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  • PPF9 - positive pressure supply fan
  • PPF9/HC - positive pressure supply fan with in-line duct heater
  • PPF9/F - filter for PPF9

EHB100 - PPF9 heater batteery

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Typical specification

Supply and install a PPF9 positive pressure fan supplied by Vectaire Ltd, Lincoln Road, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP12 3RH. This unit should be designed for easy loft installation and be able to provide effective, draught free ventilation by introducing tempered air drawn in through the loft and creating a positive pressure in the building. The indrawn air is then dissipated through openings around the property, thus providing a constant, background air change. The fan should have a choice of three speeds on installation and run automatically at that level (chosen according to the size of the building). The fan should be supplied with a ceiling valve, flexible ducting, worm drive clops and attenuation mounts. The fan should comply with all current IEE, EC and Building Regulations requirements and also be BRE Digest 398 compliant.

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