• Energy efficient axial fan for wall, panel, ceiling or window
  • High efficiency
  • Continuous running
  • Choice of two trickle speeds
  • One fan for all domestic wet rooms
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Meets Building Regulation ventilation requirements


  • Continuous, silent 3-speed fan for all domestic wet rooms
  • runs continuously at pre-selectable choice of two lower speeds (fixed at installation)
  • Speed 1 operates at 9 l/s
  • Speed 2 operates at 12 l/s
  • Can be boosted to maximum speed of 25 l/sec when required by means of:
    • integral pull cord
    • remote switch
    • PIR sensor
    • humidistat
  • 4"/10cm size with fixed grille
  • Complements contemporary decor
  • To exhaust air directly outside or via short length of ducting
  • For wall, panel, ceiling or window installation (with optional window kit - max glass thickness 22mm)
  • Energy efficient design
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cord can be removed for remote operation
  • 2 year warranty

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  • Casings from shockproof, high quality technopolymer
  • Maintenance free, self lubricating sleeve bearing motor for long life and noiseless running
  • Impedance protected induction motor
  • Energy efficient design
  • Motors incorporate thermal cut-out
  • Double Insulated
  • Maximum ambient temperature - 40°C
  • SPLASHPROOF - suitable for installation in Zones I and II

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  • EN60335-2-80
  • EC Low Voltage Directive LVD 2006/95/CE
  • EC Directive EMC2004/108
  • CE marked

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  • ECO1003 3 speed, cord or remote
  • ECO1003CLV 3 speed, cord or remote SELV
  • ECOWK10/4 - Window Kit (120mm dia hole)
  • ECOWK10/4cowl - Window Kit c/w Outside Cowl
  • PLT/ECO10 - ECO Adaptor Plate
  • PLT/ECO10-30x30 - 30x30cm, ECO Adaptor Plate


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*Wall Installation*Ceiling Installation*Window Installation

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*Window Kit*Window Kit Side*Fixed Grille

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Typical specification

Supply and install a Vectaire energy efficient ECO1003, three speed axial fan supplied by Vectaire Ltd, Lincoln Road, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP12 3RH. This fan can either be for installation in a wall, panel, ceiling or window (with optional kit). The fan should have three speeds, allowing a choice of one of the two lower speeds for quiet, continuous operation at installation. The user should be able to boost the fan to its maximum speed as necessary. The fan should be made of shockproof high quality polymer and have a maintenance free, self lubricating sleeve bearing motor for long life. The fan should be double insulated, splashproof and CE marked. The fan should comply with Kitchen and Bathroom requirements of System 3, Part F1 of the Building Regulations. It should be capable of operation up to 9 l/sec, at 4 Pa, 2.6 watts at low speed 1, and at 12 l/sec, 14 Pa and 4.8 watts at low speed 2. Finally the fan should comply with EN 60335-2-80, EC Low Voltage Directive LVD 2006/95/CE and EC Directive EMC2004/108 and be CE marked.

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