"AHU/E" Air Handling Units with Electric Heater

  • Electrically heated air handling units
  • Duct or Roof mounted
  • 14 models
  • 7 sizes


  • electrically heated air handling unit
  • centrifugal motors
  • internal and external versions available
  • 14 models, 7 sizes
  • airflow to 1.57 m3/sec
  • pressure to 350 Pa
  • speed controllable
  • inlets and outlets fitted with "Mez" type duct connecting flanges
  • rigid casing construction with triple layer of steel at corners - 8mm dia integral fixing point at each corner for either floor or ceiling mounting
  • optional casing materials include stainless steel or aluminium - can be powder coated to any BS or RAL colour
  • bag and panel filter fit into slide-in channels
  • top access on duct mounted models (bottom access can be provided if required)
  • quick and easy to install
  • top access on roof mounted models (via a single, removable weather lid)
  • air inlets on external units protected by weatherproof cowl and bird guard
  • roof mounted units constructed in galvanised steel, single skin with plastisol exterior in light grey to BS10A05

OPTIONS AHUs can be supplied with a number of optional features including:

  • heat recovery systems
    • cross flow heat exchangers
    • thermal wheel
    • run around coil
    • gas fired
    • can be constructed in a vertical or horizontal layout
    • can be supplied as "flatpack" form to facilitate on-site assembly
  • alternative heating source
  • casings

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  • internally mounted units are finished in galvanised, double skinned steel with 25mm thick mineral wool slab insulation of 45 kg/m3 density (providing high degree of acoustic insulation) (50mm panels with high density mineral wool and barrier matt also available for reduced noise breakout)
  • fans are direct drive double inlet, double width, forward curved centrifugal type
  • motors - with thermal overload protection
  • electric heater batteries for 1ph and 3ph operation are manufactured from sheathed rod elements with an integral, manual reset thermal cut-out for wiring into control unit
  • maximum air temperature 40ºC
  • panel filters manufactured from bonded and coated spun glass fibre to G3 grade, fitted as standard in easily removable housings. Higher degree of filtration can be provided on request

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  • EN60335-2-80
  • EC Low Voltage Directive 73/23-93/68
  • EC Directive EMC89/336
  • EC 89/392
  • manufactured in UK to ISO 9001

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  • AHU-E-1-D - duct
  • AHU-E-1-R - roof
  • AHU-E-2-D - duct
  • AHU-E-2-R - roof
  • AHU-E-3-D - duct
  • AHU-E-3-R - roof
  • AHU-E-4-D - duct
  • AHU-E-4-R - roof
  • AHU-E-5-D - duct
  • AHU-E-5-R - roof
  • AHU-E-6-D - duct
  • AHU-E-6-R - roof
  • AHU-E-7-D - duct
  • AHU-E-7-R - roof

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